Kerry and Dustin - Heritage Ranch Engagement

Every year I like to do a giveaway to celebrate all of my amazing clients. This year, I decided to give away a free mini session for here in Red Deer.  Out of all of the amazing submissions, the lucky winner was Kerry. Kerry and her other half Dustin recently became engaged and needed some pictures so it worked out perfect!

They drove up from Calgary to meet me at one of my favorite spots in Red Deer, Heritage Ranch. One of the reasons I use it so much is for people coming from out of town, it is right off the highway but feels like you’re on a ranch deep in the woods.  It also has various options for a backdrop which is something I look for when finding a location.

We explored the beautiful grounds and had a ton of fun while doing it. They danced, and laughed and were oh so in love which made me job so darn easy!  If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’m trying to get a bit more creative during my sessions. For this one, I used a square prism for some of the reflection shots as well it created a bit of a flare for a couple images. As well, I tried my hand at double exposures again. The Canon 5Dm3 comes with a handy function that makes it super easy to take a double exposure. My only issue is taking one that is creative, unique and that I enjoy! But the more I practice the more comfortable I feel with it – if anyone has any tips make sure to let me know! But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy their super fun engagement session!