A & K Dinosaur Provincial Park Adventure

Recently my sister moved to Brooks, Alberta. I have visited southern Alberta a few times but had never made it to the area before. While she was getting used to the area she came across Dinosaur Provincial Park located just outside of Brooks.  I had already planned on visiting her, but once I found out that she was so close to the badlands I knew I’d have to plan a session.

I had been trying to coordinate with Ashia for months on a session and the timing had never worked. I knew she lived a couple hours away so I was thrilled with she and Kevin were available to drive up on the dates I was heading down. They had been married a few months before and her dress was beyond stunning so we decided to do a dressed down adventure session.  We enlisted the help of a couple amazing vendors. Dawn & Day have the most stunning pieces so I was beyond happy when they agreed to be a part of it. Chelsey Auer was kind enough to provide Ashia’s makeup. Ashias's gown was from my wony. 

We spent the evening exploring the crazy stunning area and chasing the sunset. My sister and Anthony were behind the scenes shooting some instagram stories for me. I love golden hour and always shoot my sessions during the last bit of light. For this session we chased the amazing sunset and then explored after the sun went down. It was one of my first time’s getting to shoot a session during the glorious blue that occurs just after the sun sets. It brought out so many beautiful colours in the landscape and left me in awe editing this session. 

I have so many favorites so it was hard to narrow them down to this blog. For more from this session, head on over to Rocky Mountain Bride.