Kyla and Stephen - Cobbler Path Engagement


Growing up in Newfoundland I thought I had been everywhere. Looking back though I realized how silly that notion was. While we did do lots of exploring it was definitely not as far and wide as I had imagined.

During my time out west I would always look back at other photographers work as well as my friends posts to find places that I wanted to visit. I first saw Cobbler Path a couple years back and knew I had to get there. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a part of the East Coast Trail here in Newfoundland. If you are following me on Instagram, you will see lots from the trail as we try to get out hiking each weekend (weather depending). But if you haven’t, then it is a magical trail that leads you through woods as well as cliff side with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. I had no clue where it was but realized that it was only minutes outside St. John’s and a short hike through the woods to get to this beautiful spot. So I couldn’t wait to do a session there.

One of the first weddings that I booked when we announced we were moving from Alberta was Kyla and Stephen’s. Through word of mouth (which is the biggest help for booking!!) Kyla found out we were moving and offering a sale and booked right away. We planned to do their engagement in the fall and I was so thrilled when they were up for a hiking adventure for their session.

Adventure sessions aren’t for everyone.  Normally you have to bring two pairs of shoes and be okay with hiking fifteen minutes to an hour to find the perfect spot. But it is always so worth it in the end.

After hiking in we explored the beautiful area. If you have a fear of heights then Cobbler Path might not be the spot for you but Kyla and Stephen had no issues walking along the cliffs.  Along with an extra pair of shoes, they brought along a picnic basket with some fancy champagne that was given to them as a gift.

It was such a magical session and I can’t wait to capture their big day this summer.

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