Downtown St. John's Portrait Session


No matter how busy I am, winter is always the hardest for me creatively. I love the snow but after a few weeks of the cold I get left hoping for some sunshine and warm weather. Every year I like to take on a creative project or two to help me learn more about photography while getting to meet new people.

I decided to contact Courtney who is a local boss babe at Floral Fridays to see if she would be up for modeling. She was on board so then came the planning. When planning creative shoots I like to find locations that I have never shot in before. And since we just moved back to Newfoundland in September, there are so many spaces that I have yet to shoot! If you've been following my Instagram you know I am doing the 10,000 steps a day challenge.  In keeping up with that challenge I have been walking all over the St. John’s area scouting locations. I came across this back alley downtown that I had walked by so many time and just never actually walked in. It looks kind of sketchy at first but once you walk in the alley opens into a beautiful staircase with a ton of artwork around. I made sure the location was okay with Courtney and then it was just picking a date.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that you can’t plan around the weather when you live in Newfoundland. On Monday the weekend could have a forecast of sunny and plus ten and then by Tuesday they are calling for ten cm of snow. Luckily on the day of the shoot it was super sunny and only a little cold. I normally help plan the outfits but since Courtney has such an amazing sense of style I asked her to come up with an outfit to go with the vibe of the location.  She looked beyond amazing and made my job so easy. I brought along a prism for something different and also played around with a slower shutter speed and more close up portraits. I am in love with all of the images and so glad I got my creative juices flowing again.


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